Those of us who can see the immense benefits of landmarking and historic districting are thrilled that Wolfe has chosen to use his fame, sympathy, and talent to shed light on these contributions. Without them, we would not have the view from the Brooklyn promenade, nor thousands of well-built and well-designed buildings that range from charming to majestic.

It seems a slim thread from which to hang your argument that he is seeking controversy. If historic preservation is so marginal, why would an attention-seeking writer choose such a topic in the first place?
Alita Edgar

Soul survivor
I've been an avid reader of Greg Tate's articles since the early '90s, but "Eulogy for Black Caesar" [January 3–9 ] made me want to shout. Tate's mighty words capture the very essence of what James Brown was and still is as a human being and musical artist: an object lesson in pride and survival. Brown made it in this often mean world despite the damnable odds.
Clover Mathis
San Francisco, California

Correction:In last week's issue of the Voice, the photo accompanying Catherine Wigginton's "Hire Education" was miscredited. Mark Hartman was the photographer.

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