Sarah Silverman Is My Kind of Cunt

Talking vaginas, retards, testicles, dicks, douchebags, and George W. Bush with the Comedy Central star

The best Mary Tyler Moore episode was the one where Ted has a mild heart attack and proceeds to torture everyone with his realization of the beauty of life.

"Salt! You ever really look at salt?" My favorite might be when Rhoda totally dresses down Phyllis and Phyllis says, "Oh, Rhoda, you don't know me at all—but it's amazing how well you know my mother."

But back to your show: Do you represent the death of p.c.?

Sarah Silverman
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Sarah Silverman


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  • It's not for me to say. There are a lot of elements culturally that led to the death of p.c., but what next? There is no politically incorrect if there's no politically correct. When alternative comedy started, it was an alternative to something. But you can't call it alternative comedy anymore because it's in mainstream clubs. It's gonna start being that way with the p.c. stuff. It's all role-playing. I always think of All in the Family. Meathead was p.c. He was telling Archie, "Don't say nigger, don't be racist." But now it's a role reversal where the liberals are the un-p.c.

    Yeah, they can usually handle irony. I mean, someone would have to be a retard to think you're racist.

    I love that you're saying retard!

    Thanks! If you'd been around in the old days, wouldn't you have provoked way more protests, like Andrew Dice Clay did?

    I'm walking a line. I don't really play a character. It's not me, but it is my voice and it's me aesthetically and visually and the way I sound. A lot of comics—Dice or people who do funny voices or weird characters—get huge, and these comics become dated and trapped. For me, there's a kind of absolute power to saying the opposite of what you feel. The truth is what emanates. What am I gonna say—"I think people should be nice"?

    Eew. I prefer you accidentally crapping yourself in that farting contest on the show. But of course that leads to a sensitive song about your sincere wishes for the world. Which is the real Sarah—the crapper or the dreamer?

    I think I'm the crapper and the dreamer. It kills me that I fart and shit in an episode. I love aggressively stupid humor, but it was so embarrassing. The truth is, I do wish all the nations were part of one world and our religion was love. But I'm also the retard. To quote you.

    Thanks for the shout-out. Did you love getting down with "black God"? I was supremely jealous.

    The only bad memory is when we did that love scene, [the actor] was in boxer shorts and I was in paper-thin sweats, and I could totally feel his balls. He's an older man and nice and dignified, and to feel his balls on me, I really understood the idea of disassociation.

    It didn't make you hot?

    No. In fact, my vagina inverted. No, that's stupid. Don't print that.

    Please, that's my lead. But I thought vaginas were inverted. (Not 100% sure here, of course.)

    They are. But even my labia majora shriveled. That's disgusting.

    That's my lead. On the show, you learn life lessons under pressure, but they're rather warped, like how older black women are wise beyond their years and younger black women are prostitutes. Was there ever any effort to make for a real uplifting message? (I hope not.)

    I do like having real relationships and real moments on the show. I like the combination of hard jokes and absurdity with a real sister's relationship [Silverman's real-life older sister Laura plays her younger sis and mooch target] and a feeling of abandonment when she gets a boyfriend and so on. I like the idea of comedy played real and aesthetically it looks like it could be a drama, if the sound were off.

    What does this show have to do with Curb Your Enthusiasm?

    Nothing! Somebody wrote that it's "Curb Your Enthusiasm with a girl." That's flattering, because I love Curb Your Enthusiasm, but this show is totally scripted and doesn't take place anywhere near show business. My name on the show is Sarah Silverman, which is probably a mistake because I'm not playing myself. I used it out of laziness. My name should have been Sarah Morgan.

    Or Sarah Zbornak. Do you favor the word cunt?

    Yes! I really wanted to use it. "Cookie Party" is a pretty song, and the whole thing is supposed to be that it's genuine and sweet and then the last line is, "My sister's such a dick." Dick is a hard word and hard to get a laugh. Originally it was "My sister's such a cunt," but you can't say cunt, even if you say, "I meant it the way they say it in England."

    In England, they just say "Madonna." I actually like the song the way it is. I laughed because I didn't see it coming. Dick delivers. Was being a performer and writer on Saturday Night Live in your early days a ballbusting experience?

    No. I'm sure I went through stages, but it was an amazing experience—the perfect boot camp. Once you've been there, you can take anything. And I got along with the cast.

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