Sarah Silverman Is My Kind of Cunt

Talking vaginas, retards, testicles, dicks, douchebags, and George W. Bush with the Comedy Central star

Did you fuck all of them?

I didn't fuck anyone. No, wait, let me think. [Pause.] I was hired at the same time as my on-and-off boyfriend [a writer there], so I was tied down.

Well, nowadays, you're tied down by a whole other comic. But aren't funny people completely self-absorbed and narcissistic?

Sarah Silverman
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Sarah Silverman


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  • Jimmy isn't your usual performer. He's developing shows for other people. He's the fastest mind and the most prolific writer because he's so self-disciplined. I try to explain to him, because he gets disappointed in people, "You can't compare people to yourself. You have to keep your expectations low."

    Is his work compulsion sexy?

    It is. The one way it sucks is I can never say "I had such a hard day," because he works from like 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. It's like having a parent that's a Holocaust survivor. You can never complain because they've always got it worse.

    "I've got AIDS, ma." "So what? I survived the camps!"

    "The family is all dead!"

    Anyway, darling, all dark roads lead to Michael Richards these days. Discuss.

    Not to flatter myself, but I don't think it's analogous. He had a breakdown. At least the racist things I say are well thought out and planned in advance. It's not like I'm getting truly angry. He was out of control. The audience has to know you're in control. They're like dogs, they sniff your . . .

    Labia majora?

    . . . anxiety. Great, your new lead will be "Sarah Silverman thinks audiences are dogs." Once, I had a totally unbalanced set, with too many black jokes for that particular crowd. One middle-aged black man in the audience said, "You're not funny." I told him that [black comic] Paul Mooney writes all my material and he should take it up with him. He said, "That's not true!" I said, "Ask him!," thinking, "Please don't really ask him."

    Well, let me ask you one last hilarious thing: Do you think more troops should be sent to Iraq?

    George Bush should go to Iraq and be on the front lines. I'm not newsy and I'm probably gonna say ignorant shit, but why are we in Iraq when it has nothing to do with 9-11 and there's a fucking genocide in Darfur? I grew up thinking the Holocaust could never happen again and . . .

    Oh, so you're one of those people who thinks it did happen?

    I love you.

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