Noise From the Front

A musical valentine for the week of February 14-20, 2007

Bad poetry is a thing of loving grace
The trees of life are dripping with blood-stained dew
We stuck together, our love was the glue
(It's too bad I sneezed on you)

DIY Poetry

Raul Malo
"So Sad" from You're Only Lonely (Sanctuary, 2006)
[Music Listing for Thursday, February 15]


Tune in: Tracks from the 'Voice' music section

The High Strung
"Cocksure" from These Are Good Times (Tee Pee, 2003)
[Music Listing for Friday, February 16]

Mos Def
"Sex, Love & Money" from The New Danger (Geffen, 2004)
[Music Listing for Saturday, February 17]

The Arcade Fire
"Haiti" from Funeral (Merge, 2004)
[Music Listing for Wednesday, February 14]

"Heartshaped Box" from In Utero (Geffen, 1994)
[Music Listing for Tuesday, February 20]

Judy Collins
"Hard Times for Lovers" from Hard Times for Lovers (Elektra/Asylum, 1979)
[Music Listing/Long Runs]

Damon & Naomi
"Laika" from More Sad Hits (Sub Pop, 1997)
[Music Listing for Wednesday, February 14]

White Mice
"Limburgur Baby" from Assphixxxeatateshun (self-released, 2005)
[Music Listing for Sunday, February 18]

Explosions in the Sky
"A Poor Man's Memory from Those Who Tell the Truth... (Temporary Residence, 2005)
[Music Listing for Monday, February 19]

Dirty on Purpose
"Your Summer Dress" from Hallelujah Sirens (North Street, 2006)
[Music Listing for Thursday, February 15]

LD & the New Criticism with Dana Kletter
"What You Will" from Amoral Certitudes (Acuarela, 2007)
[Music Listing for Wednesday, February 14]

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