China: Partner in Genocide

African Union humiliates Sudan, but doesn't stop rapes and murders in Darfur

And in the January 25 Financial Times, Zhai Jun confidently declared: "With Sudan we have cooperation in many aspects, including military cooperation. In this we have nothing to hide." Last year, when 48 African leaders joined in a summit in Beijing, it was General al-Bashir who raised a glass to his hosts in a toast to Sudan's "partner in many projects."

The general cited oil as being among those projects, but he did not include genocide, facilitated by China's money and weapons. Since the world has allowed more than 400,000 black Africans to be extinguished in this genocide, will China lose face in the world if it invites General al-Bashir to be an honored guest when China hosts the 2008 Summer Olympics? By then there could be more than a million corpses.

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