'Voice' Cover Racist?

TV on the Radio guy thinks so

Greg Tate's essay on Bob Dylan ["King of Wreck," February 7–13] was the only enjoyable aspect of this year's Pazz & Jop poll. Perhaps it's because it was actually about the quality of an artist's work rather than the continual frag- mentation of music into sub-genres most people don't care about. I agree: 2006 was a lousy year for music. I only wish "Modern Times" had won out of genuine respect for Dylan's artistry, and not a grudging acknowledgement of it coupled with a "why doesn't he just die already?" tone of resentment. If this is the best you guys can do, maybe Pazz & Jop is obsolete.
Sharon Domenech

Tate's appraisal of Dylan's ongoing artistry ought to be the welcome last word on the subject's age. It won't be, of course. It's the lazy angle and cheap laugh for hack writers everywhere. Hack illustrators, too, if the issue's cover is any indication.
Martin Anderson


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Was the Voice Cover Racist?
Open thread in Runnin' Scared

Tate did a wonderful job on the Dylan essay. I've often wondered why no rapper or hip-hopper ever sampled Bob's great second verse in "Subterranean Homesick Blues," especially (in the bootlegged series version) when he runs together "Maggie says that many say they must bust in early May."
Rob Meyer
Austin, Texas

The answer to Lenora Todaro's question, "What should we eat?" ["Meat Puppets," February 7–13] is not all that complicated. Here's a simple answer: Eating animal products is unnecessary, unhealthy, and unethical. A vegan diet, based on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, is nutritious, humane, and environmentally friendly.
Elaine Sloan

I think the column "Married, Not Dead" should be changed to "Have Kids, Not Getting Any." Why are you giving marriage the kiss of death, when both women described having small children who suck up all their sexual energy? It's the kids, not the marriage. Plenty of married people and couples in long relationships choose not to do the spawn thing.
Terry O'Shea

Are you really trying to pander to the middle? That's all I can assume considering the fact that you replaced Rachel Kramer Bussel with two whiny upper-middle-class sexless women. Their columns are going to get old very fast. This is my final straw with the Voice. It's no wonder you guys can't entice quality journalists anymore. The writing community knows you're lame. The rest of your readers will find out soon.
Matthew Schuck

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