Dancing in the Dark

Downtown choreographer gives the brain a rubdown

Taking stock 2. I remember past experiments that played on audience expectation. In 1966, in the last part of Twyla Tharp's Re-Moves at Judson Church, the audience was seated around three sides of an immense white box; as the dancers traveled around the box, no one could see them the entire time, and at the end they went inside the box and rehearsed their next dance, and no one could see them at all. I seem to remember Dan Wagoner's company in the 1970s, also at Judson, performing the brief last movement of a piece in the dark. Those choreographers were fairly playful about the games they played with our heads.

The altered perspectives of Nottthing is Importanttt
photo: David Bergé
The altered perspectives of Nottthing is Importanttt


DD Dorvillier
The Kitchen
February 2 through 10

Dorvillier's very smart and very interesting, and I'm glad she's pondering issues of space, form, and perception. Nottthing is Importanttt might be quite important in the development of her work. But at times I did feel strangely like a lab rat in a shiny maze, realizing that a bit of comforting cheese might not be in the cards.

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