White Chicks on Sale

A V-Day roundup yields re-educated hipsters, angry guidos, trashy novels, and a very special discount

Oh had his eureka moment a few years ago while spinning at Verlaine: "I was drunk on Bloody Marys, and then I thought, 'Who can I exploit for money?' ", he says. Unbeknownst to the agency, he'd lived in a so-called "model dorm" for a short stint ("I freeloaded Kato Kaelin–style for five months"), and thought that all the nutjob girls and crazy stories might amount to an entertaining novel. He called up Amanda and asked if she'd go in on it with him. "I thought, 'Who speaks English, and who is not in rehab right now?' " he jokes. "Amanda has the most compelling story." A few chapters and phone calls later, they had a bidding war and a book deal. "Neither of us are career writers, but we decided we'd give it a shot," he says. "Which is funny. A lot of writers try their whole life to get a book deal, and here we are."

Oddly, he wrote himself out of the book—there's no gay Asian minder crashing at the dorm. "I'm happy I'm even in on it to begin with," he says of the final product. "Amanda's a pretty 22-year-old blond six-foot-tall girl; I'm this short skinny Asian fag. Who'd buy a book from me?"

Maybe he'll come to regret such humility, though. "I dunno why I did that," he says of deleting the Phil Oh character, sounding genuinely irritated with himself. "I don't know—shit! Fuck! I could have been a D-list celebrity. Oh well."

The Cuddle Room at The Look
photo: Tricia Romano
The Cuddle Room at The Look


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