Secrets of Queer Happy Endings

I was at a science-fiction convention, wandering between a free-cappuccino booth and a free-hard-cider booth, a little drunk and a little buzzed, when an amazingly HOT man wandered into my blurry field of vision. My first thought was, “Wow, his boyfriend is lucky!" Built, 6' 3", and furry as a walking carpet—just my type! He walked over and introduced himself. One thing led to a delightful other and our evening would have gotten us arrested in most of the U.S. As I helped put away the ropes, leather cuffs, and other accoutrements, I somehow forgot my wristwatch.

The next morning, I realized I'd forgotten my watch at his apartment and called to see if I could pick it up. I was stunned when his boyfriend answered, amazed when he knew who I was, and astounded when he invited me over for dinner! We talked for hours, the three of us, and I ended up staying the night. It's been 11 years, and we're still together. The three of us couldn't be more different physically, mentally, or emotionally. I'm 5' 10", moderately furry, devoutly pagan, and never met a kink I didn't like. D is my big hugglebear, Catholic, and enjoys most of my kinks, tender and savage by turns. J is 6 feet, smooth, an excommunicated Mormon, and an incurable romantic and prankster with a Santa Claus fetish. We enjoy sex with each other, and all have fuckbuddies outside the relationship (playing safe, thank you!)—and nobody is jealous. The one thing we all have in common is that we're GGG—both in the bedroom and in the living room. We celebrate what we have in common, explore our differences, fight hard, play hard, love harder, have Christmas with everyone's parents in rotation, pay our taxes, vote, and run our credit-card bills too high. Just like everyone else.

So, all you gay-hating, one-man/one-woman, don't-ask/don't-tell, missionary-position-only hypocrites: eat your jealous hearts out!


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  • Loud And Proud

    I recently spent a boatload of money to obtain a master's degree and had to move out of state to do so. Unbeknownst me to, the university was raising tuition by 38 percent my first year, and my second year I was denied in-state tuition. Pile that onto a bunch of medical bills I had to pay for surgery right before I left. The loans and savings only went so far, so I decided for the hell of it to put myself in the “erotic services" section of Craigslist.

    Well, fast forward to now. I was able to get a decent job and no longer have the need (nor desire) to be an escort. However, one good thing about doing the work was that I happened to run across a very great guy in April and we have been seeing each other for the past month and things seem to be going great. Yes, it is a little strange considering how we met. At the same time, I'm not sure if we would have met otherwise, and he doesn't seem to have any problems with how we met. I decided that I shouldn't either.

    So, I hope this is one of the many happy-ending letters you will receive this week.

    Former Sex Worker

    I'm a kinky, bi, semisocialist girl who took a chance on a vanilla-type guy I met through mutual friends. He'd had only two girlfriends before me, while I'd had… let's just say I was relatively experienced. He's much more politically conservative than I, and our backgrounds are different in many ways. But we have very similar values (although the way we express them is quite different) and our lives work really well together.

    The sex is great. When we were dating, I was pretty direct when I told him what I was into (bondage, corsets, spanking, floggers, etc.) and eventually he let me play with his ass and use various sensation toys on him. He has a cute butt and great nipples. He has become quite a good top for me. Since he doesn't go for public-play, he lets me go to play parties without him (I keep my panties on).

    My folks love him and his family likes me, too. We've been married just over a year and together for almost five years. It just keeps getting better.

    Lady Offers Valentine Experience

    A few months ago I wrote to you about controlling a fetish. I'd found myself attracted to bigger guys than usual and was afraid I was bound for a life chasing after Jabba the Hutt. I've learned to love the big boys and found that they're quite flattered by the attention, which turns me on even more. I tend to go for the former-football-player type, but now just about any beefy guy with a smooth body can get me hard just by walking by me.

    Loving All Fat Fuckers

    Seven years ago or so I was a closeted gay guy in my late 20s, and a virgin to boot. My “kink" if you will was a preference for older guys. After much mulling it over, I decided to contact someone in a classified ad on the internet to give the whole gay-sex thing a whirl.

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