There Is a Light That Never Goes Out of Style

Raising a glass to Lit, mourning Disco D, and bashing the repellent cabaret law

Disco D made the rare jump from the underground to the mainstream with "Ski Mask Way," a track he produced for 50 Cent. "The last time he got out of the funk, he came out and wrote the best things of his career," recalls Sam Valenti IV, a friend who owns Ghostly International Records and helped organize the benefits. "Dave took a regional style and pushed it to the limit. It was incredible to me that Dave made this leap. It's hard to do, going from electronic music to mainstream hip-hop production." And for that, I raise three beers to Disco D, too.

Finally, I raise no beers to our city's continued bashing of nightlife. Two weekends ago, MARCH (Multi-Agency Response to City Hotspots) marched into the Annex and raided the club at 3 a.m. on Friday night. Annex owner Jason Baron says they didn't get any violations, so the ritual of turning on the lights and turning off the sound—thus ending the party—was performed for naught. Nothing like 20 law enforcement officers to kill your buzz. Apparently they had just come from Tonic, which wasn't so lucky. They had a line outside the door for a packed Matthew Dear show, so they got nabbed with an overcapacity violation, I'm told.

Max Brennan and Eric Foss, coowners of Lit
photo: Tricia Romano
Max Brennan and Eric Foss, coowners of Lit


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  • And meh to the ruling made by the State Supreme Court's Appellate Division last week to uphold the absolutely stupid, completely unnecessary cabaret law. The 80-year-old law that requires a license for dancing serves no purpose but to give the city another tool to harass nightclubs out of business. The argument that it's necessary for ensuring safety in clubs is erroneous and misguided—there are other laws that perfectly handle fire and safety codes, not to mention noise violations. There is no language in the original law that says anything about safety or zoning; it's an outdated law with racist origins that should be overturned and burned to the ground. It's simply an embarrassment to our city.

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