The Obama Agenda

Crowds love the candidate, but can he run a presidency on hope?

Dig this from the Iraqi constitution: "All forms of psychological and physical torture and inhumane treatment are prohibited." Tell that to Shiite death squads—or to the CIA!

Whoever put together the Iraqi constitution probably never heard of FDR, but parts of it reflect his understanding that "freedom from fear is eternally linked with freedom from want."

Also next week: What Barack Obama actually got done in Chicago and in the Illinois state legislature that can, if he becomes the Democratic Party's leader, energize FDR's "unfinished revolution."

Barack Star: Obama on the campaign trail.
photo: Jeff Blake/Newscom
Barack Star: Obama on the campaign trail.

Building on his specific record, Obama's campaign would now have less of the "rock star" impermanence and reflect more of what real-time changes his presidency will mean to our lives. As Cass Sunstein writes at the very end of his book: "The second bill of rights should be reclaimed in its nation of origin."

**This citation has been corrected.
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