The Alien Invader

Is a guy from Minnesota the new king of New York street art?

Since Deuce hasn't held a job in a year and a half, painting has pretty much been his means of survival—the Soo VAC show paid for his Amtrak trips to New York. Back in Minnesota, he just moved out of his apartment: "I found a place where I can stay for free if I paint their house as a trade." After that, he plans to hit the road again. "I'll be hopping trains around Minnesota as soon as I go back. I go overnight with a bag of paint and come home the next day. Paint a bunch of trains and come back. And then in May I'll hop trains to Seattle—hoping to stay there a month and then go to San Francisco. From there, I might go to Vancouver."

In the three or four years he's been painting the streets, Deuce has never been caught. "I've been arrested for other stuff, when I was younger, but not painting." He explains that he chose his moniker for a couple reasons: 27 is his lucky number, and "a lot of great artists and musicians died when they were 27—Basquiat, Kurt Cobain, Jimi Hendrix.

The abandoned Seaview Hospital, Staten Island
photo: Fuzz
The abandoned Seaview Hospital, Staten Island


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"It'd be cool, I think, to go at 27," Deuce says. He pauses, then changes his mind. "No, I hope not."

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