All Wet

Bloomberg's man Dan Doctoroff has an answer for rising seas: more coastal condos!

Doctoroff deserves some of the plaudits the city gets on emissions reduction (see sidebar), but he's approaching the question of changing the way we do business, and safeguarding us from Katrina and less, as if he's more concerned about rocking the boat than winding up in one.

Last November, the History Channel gave a $10,000 prize to a local firm for designing a vision of New York a century from now. The firm, Architecture Research Office, depicted a Venice-like city, with rivers running through parts of the street grid. Adam Yarinsky, who led the design, says they relied on sea-level rise projections and an 1865 map of lowlands onto contemporary Manhattan.

At the ceremony, Dan Doctoroff handed Yarinsky the check and said his own office was preoccupied with many of the same concerns as the contestants.

Illustration by Jonathan Barkat


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