Rites of Passage

Acknowledging a mentor and questioning a tradition

Kuan Hui Chew (being lifted) by Jae Man Joo
photo: Klaus Schoenwiese
Kuan Hui Chew (being lifted) by Jae Man Joo


Ailey Citigroup Theater
March 14 through 18

The happy flouting of traditional gender roles doesn't happen until near the end. One by one, people seated on a bench are chosen by partners and drawn to their feet by a kiss. It's a lovely idea. And that's when you notice two women joined here, two men there. In the final moments, Shau and Everett (female and male) are prominent—walking together along the benches, with their friends hastening to bring new ones so that the pair never touch the floor. But all cluster on and under the pathway as Stravinsky's last, final chimes resound—a bouquet of lovers as variegated as field flowers.

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