'Friends' Forever

French dance duo Justice have sired an immortal international hit

So successful is The Song that the video spurred its own controversy last year when it won "Best Video" at the MTV Europe Awards, beating an indignant Kanye West, who bumrushed the stage and claimed his "Touch the Sky" video was better because it "cost a million dollars." Justice's video did not, but it's still more entertaining than Kanye leaping across canyons. Shot in slow-mo, the surreal short takes place in a post-party loft wherein all the remaining drunk, passed-out revelers have been drunk-pranked—painted, tied-up, blindfolded—and are just now waking up to their unpleasant situations. Though De Rosnay was not at the MTV ceremony (label reps accepted on Justice's behalf), he bears no ill will toward Kanye's poor sportsmanship. "We saw it on YouTube like everyone else," he says of the outburst." It was very funny. Music needs some freaks—he's like a rock star really, so it was great to see."

The video, of course, only served to further cement the Parisian duo's world domination. It's hard to follow up such success, but Justice keeps trying anyway—they released the Waters of Nazareth EP in 2005, and a full-length of all original material is slated for June. Expect more of the same, but different: The unnamed record's first single, "D.A.N.C.E.," featuring childlike vocals over a disco beat, serves as an enticing preview. You can get your grubby fingers on it in May.

Until then, we have Justice remixes of Franz Ferdinand, Daft Punk, and Britney Spears—and, as always, The Song—to keep us company. The success of "We Are Your Friends" continues to shock even the man who helped make it. "We were really surprised in the beginning, who was listening to it," said De Rosnay. "But four years after, that they are not bored of it . . . I don't really feel like I did it, you know? For me, we don't own it anymore."

photo: Marco Dos Santos

Justice play Hiro Ballroom March 29, hiroballroom.com.


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