Ghost Prisons, Ghost Courtrooms

From CIA secret prisons, 14 "high-level" terror suspects are at Gitmo. Where are all the others?

These evangelicals say they want to help Americans "regain our moral clarity." There is no moral clarity in the ghost courtrooms at Guantánamo, the deeply un-American Military Commissions Act, and a host of other covert missions by the most immoral presidency in our history.

But as Americans recoiled at the redacted confessions of KSM, Human Rights Watch raised a huge specter of missing moral clarity, of unanswered questions about the CIA secret prisons: their exact locations, the treatment of detainees, and the "complicity of other governments" harboring them in their countries.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Waterboarded confessions.
Khalid Sheikh Mohammed: Waterboarded confessions.

And most important, what of all the other CIA ghost prisoners? Who are they? Where are they? What was done to them all these years? How have they been disposed of?

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