Screw You

Tina Tyler and Boots Boccaleone create new kinds of masturbation porn

Boccaleone began by recruiting people on, but now people are volunteering left and right. She shoots all the scenes herself along with a second camera operator and says her favorite thus far is one that hasn't been posted yet. "Despite her huge breasts and red satin nightie, Violet spent the shoot describing her gender-bending fantasy about being the boy slave for actor Christopher Meloni. She was so female in body and styling, and the contrast with her fantasy was compelling."

Both Tyler (who's getting ready to release Handyman 3 on April 5) and Boccaleone (who hopes to do a live event as part of the National Masturbate-A-Thon in May) are passionate about people getting off—the ones who do it for the camera and the ones who watch them do it.

Violet, one of Red Handed Porn's models
photo: Courtesy of
Violet, one of Red Handed Porn's models

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