Why would you let a die-hard Yankees fan write an article about a Mets star? In 'Stealing Mickey's Mantle' [March 28–April 3], Allen Barra pretty much skewed everything to make José Reyes look bad. He compared Reyes's whole career to Jeter's. The problem is that Reyes's first three years in the big leagues were bad because of injuries and the fact that he had a lot to learn. Last year he really developed, and his stats at the age of 22 blew away Jeter's stats at the same age. Barra also said that Reyes and Jeter are exactly the same as base runners. How ridiculous is that? Reyes led all of baseball in stolen bases last year. I don't see myself continuing to read your paper if you are going to allow people with agendas to write the articles.
Peter Gurney
Bedford Hills, New York

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