The Birthday Party

Reminisces on last night's, last year's, and the last half-decade's parties as Fly Life turns five

I had a party last week at the Box to celebrate the memories, and as our host Murray Hill put it, "having a job for five years." Beat. "Hope your editor doesn't fire you now." Me neither. The lovely and talented Pierces headlined (it was also their record release party), wearing cute '20s flapper outfits and doing little synchronized dances as they sang. Larry Tee and Tommie Sunshine DJed. Afterward, Julie Atlas Muz performed her moon dance to David Bowie's "Five Years," climbing inside a giant inflatable balloon and popping it—coming out naked, of course. Mike Albo performed his unbelievably funny skit, "Amanda," in which he plays a demented Hollywood celebrity socialite who relays every moment of her life to her friend Amanda over the phone. Angie Pontani did a classic boa striptease to "Gold Digger," and the Wau Wau Sisters did a literal interpretation of "Sister Christian," crucifix and all.

In the audience were a couple of Strokes (Albert Hammond Jr. and Nikolai Fraiture), Zelda Kaplan, and Aunt Irma, a new club kid on the scene. Steven Lewis— the feared club honcho during Limelight's and Life's heyday in the '80s and '90s—came out and did the door, gratis, inspiring current doorman of the moment Thomas Onorato and his PR partner Max Wixom to remark, "Let's be honest, we totally gagged when we got there. It was fierce. Steven Lewis is a legend!" The party was a blast. Thanks for the memories of that night, those over the past five years, and those to come. It's been a fly life.

Angie Pontani channels "Gold Digger" for the guest of honor
photo: Miles Ladin
Angie Pontani channels "Gold Digger" for the guest of honor


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