A Deluge of Parades

Promoters, DJs, and dancers alike prepare for some much needed cabaret lawlessness

One more piece of dance news: Blackkat's annual MayDay! event, usually held at Tompkins Square Park, was denied permits this year; as the Blackkat mailing list explained, "The Parks Department makes a habit out of approving the permits for Mayday a few days before the event," though the forms are usually filed in January to give the bureaucrats plenty of time. Undaunted, the politically charged music and party promoters regrouped at Union Square Sunday, where Collin Strange, Atomic Babies, Sacha (of Flavorpill fame), and Jason Blackkat himself played. Thursday at 7 p.m., they're meeting up with Metropolis in Motion at Kabin, 92 Second Avenue, to hear from those who've been affected by the cabaret law. Meanwhile, we hear City Councilman Alan Gerson's office is drafting a proposal that would render the law moot for venues with a capacity of fewer than 200 people, but would bring stricter enforcement of noise, which would include using a device that physically limits the volume levels on a club's sound equipment.

All this pro-dance music and anti-cabaret law activity leads me to believe Larry Tee when he says, "Dance music finally has an opportunity. It's kind of hot. I sense something is changing here."

Larry Tee, esteemed mixer of highbrow and lowbrow
photo: Tricia Romano
Larry Tee, esteemed mixer of highbrow and lowbrow


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