Radical Chic

Black berets and leather coats are out, Ski Iraq tees are in

Times have changed. Morrison takes out a letter from a military wife, saying how much the guys in her husband's platoon love the Dangerous Breed shirts she sent over, and he's just received a big order from the British embassy in Baghdad.

Panthers at Huey rally in DeFremery Park, 1968
photo: Stephen Shames/Courtesy of Steven Kasher Gallery
Panthers at Huey rally in DeFremery Park, 1968

And those out-of-towners, resplendent in their tees and jeans, who used to pick fights? Morrison doesn't need a Gallup poll to know that many ordinary Americans have turned against the war. "Now these tourists from Orlando or someplace will stop and look at the shirts and think they're just the awesomest things."

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