The Fall of a Perfect Dive

With Siberia closing for good, we restrain the urge to vomit one last glorious time

Indeed, at the screening, Imus was on everyone's mind. In the crowd was Reverend Al Sharpton, as well as a rather incongruous group that included Q-Tip, Doug E. Fresh, Ice-T, Busta Rhymes, and, um, Bruce Willis, who along with Queen Latifah executive-produced the film. (Is it wrong that I found Bruce Willis hot? Yes? OK.) After the flick, Kazi took questions, or rather found himself on the receiving end of many impassioned thank-yous from the audience. When the superstar rappers took over the mic, the split between mainstream and underground ideology became clear. "You took what was imparted to me by rappers like Kool Moe Dee and passed it on—that's all life is about," Fresh said, noting that money isn't everything. But next to him sat Busta Rhymes, his wrists and hands glistening with ice so flashy it could be seen from 50 rows away. "I ain't gonna front—I wasn't excited about it initially," he said of the program. "But I can't explain how apologetic I am. This couldn't have come at a better time." (Unfortunately, a few days later Busta got popped for DUI.)

Later, Ice-T, who noted the irony that he was a former "Cop Killer" who now plays a cop on Law and Order: SVU, explained his gangsta rap origins thusly: "Unconventional enemies require unconventional tactics." An aside: I once saw Mr. Cop Killer at a bright fuchsia Dashing Diva nail salon, holding his hot blonde wife Coco's purse while she got her nails done. He passed the time by watching a Michelle Branch video. Ah, the perils of keeping it real.

Princess (center) celebrates The Hip Hop Project's Imus-spurning success
photo: Tricia Romano
Princess (center) celebrates The Hip Hop Project's Imus-spurning success


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