Keith Olbermann hits NYC!

Michael Shannon flies first-class in a new thriller; Olbermann gets an award named after a former thriller. Plus other gnats and tats.

We used to go to Limelight (now Avalon) to watch all kinds of sex, drugs, and violence, but then owner PETER GATIEN got drummed way out of town on tax evasion. Well, the press release for Circa, the infamous entrepreneur's new space in Toronto, ill-advisedly promises, "It will be his legacy and is bloody amazing!"

The boys will be bloody girls at the NewFest (the LGBT Film Festival), where RUPAUL will don complete hooker drag for the Starrbooty red carpet along with a slew of other gussied-up drag queens from the movie. These sassy starlets will look even more glamorously whore-like than the usual people traipsing down red carpets. The flick resurrects RuPaul's early-career character—a kickass PAM GRIER type who's taking a break from supermodeling to go undercover as a 'ho and perform some brazenly good deed in the face of danger. But why bring back Starr's booty at this exact point? "Because the world we live in today is so boring and morally sterile," Ru told me last week. "Starrbooty needed to come back to give the world a shot of some old-fashioned subversion." And a shot of some old-fashioned wickey.

But I need a wicked shot of estrogen after my last write-up about ALEXIS ARQUETTE's supposed sex change. A source swears that Arquette chickened out of the actual operation and that's why the vague-ending documentary about the whole process went from an intended TV slot to just festivals and DVD. Of course Alexis, depending on his mood, says he's indeed had it chopped off or that "it's a personal decision." Whether or not he's without it, I think he's totally "with it."

Who's the buzz about? Bug's Michael Shannon
Who's the buzz about? Bug's Michael Shannon


Tune in: Michael Musto Dishes It Up

Even more weight than that was lost by Mao PR fashion flack MAURICIO PADILHA, who thanks to relentless training and dieting has shed an entire 180 pounds—which is like if Mary Kate lost Ashley plus a closet full of Vuitton bags.

Meanwhile, slammer-bound PARIS HILTON is losing her chance at 45 days worth of open bars, but at least she's gaining a singing relative. Her 20-year-old cousin NICK HILTON is pursuing singing/songwriting and I hear he's actually good. Just thought I'd put that bug in your ear.

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