From Goth's Black Magic to, Uh, "Magic"

The Motherfucker impresario sets out solo and wistfully recalls Olivia Newton-John

What's your favorite club in the city to play?
I really liked playing at Love that one night. The DJ booth and sound system, while it was so intimidating, it was so exciting. If I could play on that system every night, I would want to DJ more. I think a lot of clubs don't focus on good sound, which is such a shame.

What do you listen to at home?
Nothing, 'cause I sit in silence. I think because at night I work in this crazy nightclub, and it's usually pretty loud.

If the world were to end, what is the song you'd want to hear?
Probably something by Bowie. Probably "Heroes."

Her penmanship is apparently impeccable
photo: Tricia Romano
Her penmanship is apparently impeccable

What question do you wish people would ask you but never do?
"How are you?" People always talk about themselves off the bat. I never get asked, "How are you?" Especially in a nightclub environment. People are always talking about their latest release, where they are going to next, where their career is going. Just "How are you, Justine?" That's what I would like to hear.

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