Double Secret Probation

Police fork over secret RNC documents that make it plain there's plenty more

But even these more legitimate concerns are described in ways that provide no details about how information was obtained. In fact, the 600 pages of documents look nothing like traditional police reports.

Most of the pages are stamped "secret" at the top and then appear just to be summaries of information. On many pages, adjoining paragraphs don't appear to have anything to do with each other, jumping from one topic to another. There are no names of the officers who gathered the information or the sources providing it. There are no dates or locations detailing how the information was obtained.

Dunn says that because the information appears to be merely summaries, he's asking the city to produce the actual police reports they're based on.

"The city stated there are no underlying materials to them," Dunn says.

The Voice sent copies of the summaries to a former NYPD intelligence officer, who responded, "Of course there are reports out there. What do you think, that we just remembered a lot of shit and just wrote it down?"

Dunn says that the next time he questions Cohen under oath, in round two of his deposition, he plans to ask him that same question.

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