My Cup Runneth Over

. . . with beauty queens, drama queens, and just plain queens. Plus dirt so dirty it'll make you go go blind

Promoter JOSH WOOD's Sunday night gay party at the Hotel Gansevoort's Garden of Ono is a complete oh-yes. At the first one, every gay in town was there, and though they all looked rather alike in their T-shirts and light gloss, it still totally counts as a crowd.

The debut doubled as a 40th birthday bash for popular blogger ANDY TOWLE, who gladly played Two Questions with me as his boyfriend shrieked, "Be nice to him!" What's the biggest trouble Towle's ever gotten in? "I got a cease and desist from ELLEN DE- GENERES's lawyer," he said, "after I published a picture of her house." Rather than draw cum on it, he threw in the Towle and took it right down. And the biggest dish about Towle himself? "I was a bartender at Splash in '93, when it opened," he impishly revealed. Even more shockingly, he enjoyed it!

Craving something spicier, I cornered porn idol MICHAEL LUCAS to tell him I adored the DVD special feature of his peeing into a guy's anus. "I do that in every movie," he replied. And I love it in every movie. "You want to hear a gross story?" Lucas dared me. No way, nyuh-uh, don't you even ?—oh, all right, go ahead. "Recently, I was eating SPENCER QUEST's ass," he obliged ?—good beginning—"and right after I pulled out, something shot out of it really hard. He said, 'Oh, my boyfriend just peed in my ass.' It was the pee still lodged in there and it smelled like it had been left in an alleyway!" Meaningful pause. "I came anyway."


Tune in while you read

When you all recover your lunch, let me suggest that there should be a name for this particular activity, seeing as felching has a name and besides, I'm a total label queen. How about water-ballooning? Cup-freshening? Or maybe Lucas's own elegant suggestion: "Peeing in someone's asshole."


A much lovelier process called multitasking happens when an Oscar-nominated actor gets behind the camera for some committed work, like when ROSIE PEREZ directed and appeared in the eye-opening Soy Boricua, pa'que tu lo sepas! (I'm Boricua, just so you know!), coming out on DVD next week, sans kinky special features. The documentary—which explores Puerto Rican culture in the face of years of oppression—starts with Rosie's chirpy voice going serious as she remembers that Puerto Rico was where "your women are sterilized as a matter of U.S. policy while your homeland becomes a toxic testing ground for a country that will let you die for their president but not vote for him."

I asked Rosie (who cohosted my book party earlier this year) what prompted the project, and she told me, "One, I was frustrated that I couldn't get my movie made about the sterilization. Two, I always got so frustrated in Hollywood explaining who I was because back then there was only a few of us. Now everybody wants to be Puerto Rican, which is a good thing. Also, on every Puerto Rican Day, my ex-boyfriend would call me up and rag on me for being Puerto Rican. We're still friends, though. He came to the premiere and was bragging about having been the reason for the movie!"

She whittled the result from three-and-a-half hours down to an 85-minute pride parade, and the result should make her fan base muy feliz. Revealed Rosie, "A studio told me, 'Your biggest numbers ironically are young white males and senior citizens.' I can understand the young white males—it's the tits, and thank god they're still holding up after all these years. But with the senior citizens it's because I love that old New York type of humor and I think it comes out."

To bring it out even more, I told her that J.LO seems to be imitating her in an upcoming movie about salsa pioneer Hector Lavoe and his wife. "You're not the first person who told me that," replied Rosie. "People say, 'Why didn't you do it?' I say, 'Because she has more money than me!' " Rosie laughed riotously, then deadpanned, "I kill myself."


And now, I'll slay you by going legally blind, with some scandaliciously nameless items that will fill your butt with liquids and torture you in the most delicious way imaginable.

Here goes: Which morning-show presence likes to show it all off, strutting around his gym's locker area while implicitly demanding that everyone takes a look? (Apparently he gets high ratings.) Which still-not-out funnyman known for that sitcom has a gigantic trouser pipe that you'd think wouldn't even fit in a closet? What '60s superstar, swears a hairdresser, is balder than the truth? (Her extensions supposedly start way in the back of her neck!) What old-time performer who went from Broadway to TV to relative obscurity still hovers in the lesbian closet, as if anyone cares? What youngish actor confides to friends that sometimes he wishes he hadn't come out because of the limited roles being offered (though, before he came out, he wasn't getting to show much range anyway)? What actor's dead boyfriend used to sexually harass a lot of his other students?

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