My Cup Runneth Over

. . . with beauty queens, drama queens, and just plain queens. Plus dirt so dirty it'll make you go go blind

What designer's ex tells people, "There are two ways to make it in this town ?—have a big dick or be a bareback bottom"? Which one applies to him? What local nuisance, who's long promoted his large appendage, sometimes finds during encounters that it's emitting a mild stench? (His response? Rolling some underarm deodorant on it! He must have gotten that from a MARTHA STEWART manual.) Which sauced starlet had visible bruises on the backs of her knees a few years ago, probably a result of either injections or banging herself when getting up from oral sex sessions? What young multitalent admits she had a bout with the blues, but it was actually closer to a complete breakdown? Which zany comic who's always been weird looking—and later became weird looking in a different way—was spotted with a surprisingly hot guy in a gay bar in Brazil? What publicist with a changed name squirms whenever someone's around who remembers he's Lebanese?

What overnight TV star is the newest dyke on the block? What cable series star broke up with his first wife when she dramatically found him in bed with a man? What female pop group were all prosties—except for the one of them who was basically the procurer? What abrasive comic canceled his second of two scheduled Chicago readings because he felt like it, but then ballsily had someone call the bookstore he'd screwed to beg for a free $1,000 gift certificate for him? Did he get it? (No!) What fashion icon has become so hatchet-mouthed from surgery that she apparently has to have some of it undone? What's with the talk about that ex-president and GINA GERSHON? What award-winning actor likes to linger by pools to flirt with the working boys, obviously not fully satisfied by the weird lover who had surgery to look more like him? Who was heard murmuring before a TV interview, "If they ask me about the TV Guide channel, I'm leaving!" What young female Broadway star is all too willing to tell people about her male costar's gayness?

And—enough with the blind items—who's the best, most effervescently multitasking drag queen in town? It's PEPPERMINT, who spices up Monday nights at Barracuda with a high-energy show that totally ups the (open) bar. Peppermint can actually sing and lip-synch, and she has a wide array of bodacious moves, not just the two TINA TURNER ones most drag queens trot out. Plus she's quick but never mean, sassy but not cunty. Her "Buffalo Stance," complete with robot moves through the audience, is astounding, as was the way she dealt with a drunken stage crasher last week by leading him back to his seat while holding up a drink ticket. Brava! Be nice to her!


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