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Scorpio: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

The pressure to reach a decision about a nebulous situation at home should abate now that Neptune is retrograde. With one less thing to worry about, concentrate for the next few weeks on getting a moneymaking enterprise off the ground. It’s been decades since your energetic Mars co-ruler was favorably aligned with generous Jupiter in your Sag house of assets as well as the power structure represented by Saturn in Leo at the top of your chart. So please, don’t scorn the benefits offered during this rare Grand Fire Trine.

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Sagittarius: Nov. 22 - Dec. 21

A Blue Moon is a special occasion, no matter when or in which sign it occurs. However, since that sign is Sagittarius, then you might feel compelled by the cosmos to celebrate the event: Thursday, the 31st, preferably after work but before bedtime. If the Centaur is truly the party animal you purport to be, you’ll keep the celebration going over the weekend or until the Gemini sun illuminates your traits as well as your dubious talents while it opposes your wise-cracking Jupiter ruler on June 5th. // These are the high times, friend. Enjoy.

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Capricorn: Dec. 22 - Jan. 20

If patience is the key to heaven, then Caps who manage to endure Mercury’s long and winding road trip through your Cancer complement should consider getting fitted for their wings. Memorial Day marks the beginning of the transit, August 4th the end. In between these dates, you’ll be asked to follow the tortuous path of assertions, retractions and corrections that a partner will lead you on. Accomplish this with grace, wit and equanimity and you could be rewarded in mid-August by your well-compensated Saturn ruler.

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Aquarius: Jan. 21 - Feb. 18

In their own inimitable way, every sign will have to deal with Mercury turning retrograde in mid-June, but because the flip out occurs in Cancer, in your house of work, debts and household pets, Aquarians should take the necessary precautions now. Make sure that Spot gets his shots, and if there’s a problem with a co-worker or the union, try to resolve it before the long retrogression turns into the endless summer. Remember, however, to take time to enjoy the blessings and beauty Venus brings while she occupies your marriage house.

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Pisces: Feb. 19 - Mar. 19

Blue moons are significant enough events, but when they take place at the top of your chart, in your Sagittarius house of achievement, you really should pay attention to what happens on the 31st as well as over the next few days. Although it’s easy to pooh-pooh the importance of this particular phenomenon, it’s not so easy to live up to its expectations. This week is when you may realize what having the moon (representing the public) in your midheaven implies and how public opinion can influence a decision about your career.

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