Dark Secrets at the Front

Prisoners and interrogators are both brutalized in a war that changes who we are.

Analyzing this report, The Washington Post's Thomas Ricks and Ann Scott Tyson note: "The study found that the more often soldiers are deployed, the longer they are deployed each time, and the less time they spend at home, the more likely they are to suffer from mental health problems such as combat trauma, anxiety, and depression. That result is particularly notable given that the Pentagon has sent soldiers and Marines to Iraq multiple times and recently extended the tours of thousands of soldiers to 15 months from 12 months."

Abu Ghraib: Not just a case of bad apples over there.
photo: US Army Sgt. Sara Wood defenselink.mil
Abu Ghraib: Not just a case of bad apples over there.

Now that Democrats control Congress, where are the unsparing subpoena-powered investigations all the way up the chain of command on how the enemy has indeed changed who we are and what we stand for while we're told "the surge is working"?

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