Diplomatic Decor

The U.N.'s feng shui club ventures to change the Security Council's energy

Sally became very serious for the first time that evening; she explained that "Guernica" was anti-good feng shui because it was not conducive to the principles of regeneration and hope the U.N. strives for. "Even the chicken is crying," she said. "It's black, brown, and dark, like the lowest vibration. And the only light they can see is artificial and they look like they are underground; it looks like the flames are coming through the window and the horse is disjointed. The knife is broken in hopelessness. Look at these people desperately trying to get out and the window is too small."

Her small audience shook their heads in complete agreement and some accompanied the nods with "Yes, yes, yes!" Sally came to a halt. She appeared weak, as if she had just exorcised some demons. She walked over to a table and pulled out a royal blue chair with black electrical tape covering the holes—an original U.N. chair from the '60s—and sat down. The group crowded around her. "I'm getting a headache," she said. "I have to get out of here."

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