Jim Bracken

I loved Wartella's Bike Month cartoon, as did every other bicycle activist I know that has seen it. Wartella has a masterful eye for the people in New York and the issues that they deal with. It's a real treat that the Voice is once again running locally drawn cartoons about local issues.

Ed Ravin


Re Tristan Taormino's 'Knockin' Vintage Boots' [May 16–22]: I'm writing this letter anonymously to protect the innocent, i.e., my daughter, my ex-husband, and my new lover. I want to thank Taormino for bringing this much-needed information to a very wide audience. I am 73 and still going strong. I also have a friend who is 94, lives alone, and has a lover half her age. Even though they don't have intercourse anymore, she says "he's good with his tongue"— a useful technique for some seniors. I went through menopause at 50, and because I have been very active, physically, mentally, and sexually the only change I've experienced is that my sex drive has become stronger: My latest lover is 29! Life is beautiful.



In last week's story about Pioneer Fund doyenne Michelle Ilse Weyher ['Warp and Woof'] by Maria Luisa Tucker, one of the race-baiting Fund's grant recipients was listed as "Century Foundation." However, it was the "New Century Foundation," publisher of American Renaissance, which actually received the Fund's money. Century Foundation is a progressive organization located on the Upper East Side, and has no connection with the Pioneer Fund of any kind.

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