The Torture Doctors

These physicians have a strange way of preserving the American way of life

I asked Miles what actions have been taken against these health professionals who have abandoned medical ethics. "Only very minor reprisals," he said. "A medic who watched some abuse. A nurse who witnessed other abuses. But no one higher has been disciplined." A source at Physicians for Human Rights tells me: "It's been a complete whitewash."

Not only Army interrogators and doctors are committing these war crimes under our own War Crimes statute. Two years ago, The Washington Post's Dana Priest reported that in a CIA Rendition Group of kidnappers, "case officers, paramilitaries, analysts and psychologists . . . figure out how to snatch someone off a city street, or a remote hillside. . . . "

The famed anthropologist Margaret Mead wrote that in ancient times, when a physician arrived, a patient was not sure whether the doctor had come to treat him or kill him. So much for advanced civilization. But why, I wonder, are American doctors who are not in our military prisons remaining silent?

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