Boeing's Frequent (Kidnapping) Flyers

George W. Bush's presidential library is not likely to include the story of Binyam Mohammed

"Over the following weeks, loud music, the sounds of 'ghost laughter,' thunder, aircraft taking off, the screams of women and children . . . were piped into his cell twenty-four hours a day. To ensure that sleep was difficult, if not impossible, masked guards would visit the cells throughout the night and make loud noises."

Lest you believe that Mr. Mohamed's rendition was wholly without mercy; "In May 2004, Mr. Mohamed was allowed outside for five minutes. It was the first time he had seen the sun in two years."

Next week: The evidence against Boeing and its Jeppesen subsidiary which will be heard in a court of law if—and it's a big if—the sunlight of American justice will ever be allowed to shine on these enablers of torture. More likely, the Supreme Court will ultimately make that decision—on whether "state secrets" can be invoked—leaving it up to "swing" voter Anthony Kennedy after proceedings begin with: "God Bless This Honorable Court."

Binyam Mohamed will never know the decision. Such information is not permitted to prisoners at Guantánamo.

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