Rockie Weekly Horoscope June 15-21

General Forecast

Early birds (readers of the online horoscope) may catch a moment of artistic inspiration while visionary Neptune sets the tone for Wednesday. Late Thursday, the versatile Gemini new moon initiates a new lunar cycle, heavy on communication, trade and travel that Mercury promptly disrupts by turning retrograde on Friday. Father’s Day might be more luxurious, more enjoyable this year courtesy of the warm-hearted Leo moon. The workweek presents an odd mix of revelations, congratulations, recriminations, possible reparations, and on the 21st, summer solstice celebrations.

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Aries: Mar. 20 - Apr. 19

Only one more week to take advantage of the edge your Mars ruler is giving you. On the 24th the red planet moves on to Taurus and won’t return to Aries until April 2009. Although the trine is an easy-going aspect, the connection between acerbic Mars and manipulative Pluto on the summer solstice, favors the hot-blooded Ram who’s been holding a grudge against a professor, pundit, priest, pedophile or foreign power broker. Mercury retrograde can slow down work being done around the house, but you suspected as much, didn’t you?

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Taurus: Apr. 20 - May 20

One of the happier times of the year occurs on Tuesday when your affectionate Venus ruler perfects a favorable trine with jolly Jupiter. While the two “benefics” are reinforcing each other’s positive traits, now would be the time to double your pleasure, double your fun. Maybe even call your sister. Since the new moon on Flag Day takes place in your Gemini money house, don’t let a chance to buy, sell or trade for something of great value pass by. Spend a moment visualizing that treasure or, better yet, choosing which talent you want to develop further.

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Gemini: May 21 - Jun. 20

Mercury turns retrograde in your Cancer house of assets and acquisitions. It’s probably too late to remind you to be diligent about money matters, the paperwork involved, plus the goods and services that’ll pass through your place over the next three weeks. By now Twins should know what to expect when your ruling planet takes another of its three-times-a-year trips down memory lane. Meanwhile, you may have one more birthday-related event to face as the Gemini sun illuminates secretive Pluto in your marriage house: what is your partner hiding now?

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Cancer: Jun. 21 - Jul. 22

Mercury turns retrograde in your sign on the 15th, goes direct on July 9th and doesn’t leave Cancer until August 4. This may seem like an inordinately long time to deal with the little guy and the messes he makes, but as of the 21st, the strength of the sun can help clarify the issues that need your attention. The others should be put on hold. Meanwhile you’ll have an excuse to enjoy (maybe even pay for) some luxurious fun and games as agreeable Venus in your Leo money house and generous Jupiter in your house of romance and recreation form a favorable (for you) trine.

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Leo: Jul. 23 - Aug. 22

Grab the Crab. The two signs are linked this week by a harmonious tie, not unlike a colorful ribbon, that you both can wear with pride. As long as the ribbon doesn’t turn into a rein, it’s okay to take a frisky Centaur along for the ride. Relinquishing control isn’t easy for a fixed sign such as yours, but after your sun ruler confronts Pluto, the master of manipulation, Monday night you aren’t scheduled to face another obstacle until mid-August, and that one you can easily blow off. Meanwhile, only four weeks until affectionate, attractive Venus must leave Leo.

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Virgo: Aug. 23 - Sep. 22

There are basically two arenas that Virgos experiencing their Mercury ruler’s retrogression through Cancer during the next three weeks should focus on. For the August born: confusion over club dates, meetings, colleagues’ contributions, social get-togethers, politics, union matters and the blogging they entail. For the September born: it’ll be about your career, clients, employers, community leaders, parents and your reputation. How the public sees you, whether they have the proper perception, how you can correct it, etc. Good luck.

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Libra: Sep. 23 - Oct. 22

Join the parade. Bulls, Lions and Centaurs might appear to be leading it, but the Scales is more than welcome to join the party. In fact, a committee of your peers may pay you to be the figurehead. Having your magnetic Venus ruler at the top of your solar chart offers an opportunity for prominence that, unless you’re working undercover, should not be ignored, especially while Venus is in the midst of a joyful moment with prosperous Jupiter. Mercury retrograde in Cancer might be more of a hassle if you’re traveling abroad or taking courses.

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Scorpio: Oct. 23 - Nov. 21

Remind yourself that the annual Gemini new moon on Thursday may present an interesting opportunity to make money using other people’s money, the area of expertise traditionally attributed to Scorpio. Then figure in how three weeks of Mercury retrograde in Cancer could delay the onset of this venture, not to mention the need to nurture it through most of the summer. If you plan to get away for a holiday, aim for Labor Day rather than the Fourth. For the moment, protecting the bird in your hand is a better deal than the two in the bush. 1

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