Death Disco Redux: Crash! Bang! Smack! Grind! Gnaw! Puke!

A Queer Issue Double Whammy, Part the Second

SYNOPSIS In which Uncle LD plays more chaotic trash for your delectation in an extended mix of honoring Queer Pride in all its glory or whatever. Actually, Uncle LD wants you to know that while you're keenly listening to this, he's away down south in Dixie eating fried chicken, BBQ, cracklin' cornbread and such, even as he tries to muster up the gumption (or anything like a reasonable reason) to see his dearly estranged family. Bet they'd hate this music. Ah well. Sucks to be them.

NEXT WEEK: Surprise.


Playlist for Episode 48

Intro: "Scars of E" by Throbbing Gristle, fromFirst Annual Report (Thirsty Ear, 1979)

"Party Fears Two" by Associates, from Party Fears Two (WEA, 1982)

"Coach Me" by Black Devil Disco Club, from 28 After (Lo Recordings, 2007)

"In Strict Tempo" by Dave Ball, from The Best of New Wave Club Class-X (Anthler Subway, 1993)

"Hexonxonx" by Skinny Puppy, from Rabies (tk, 00)

"Temporary Chicken" by Telex, from I Don't Like Remixes (Atlantic, 1988)

"French Kiss" by Lil Louis, from French Kiss (FFrr, 1988)

"The Devil in Us" by Black Devil Disco Club, from 28 After

"My Spine (is The Bass Line)" by Shriekback, from The Best of New Wave Club Class-X

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