Schoolyard Bullies

A policy of cops searching students is in need of a mental detector

His mother, frantically searching for her child, finally arrived at the precinct. "Carlos was released only after his mother had finally left the precinct. Upon his release, officers issued him a summons, threatening that if he did not appear in court, a warrant would be issued for his arrest."

The charges were ultimately dropped.

"The burden [of this over-policing]," says the report, "falls primarily on schools with permanent metal detectors, which are. . . attended by disproportionately poor, Black and Latino students [who] are more often confronted by police personnel in school for 'non-criminal' incidents than their peers city-wide."

Says Carlos: "I've never had problems with the cops until they put me in handcuffs. Now I hate them."

To be continued, with instructions to Klein, Kelly and presidential aspirant Michael Bloomberg on how to combine school safety with elementary justice under the Bill of Rights, which these high-level corrections officers seem not to have read recently.

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