Nuts, Ninjas, and Metamorphic Sprites

Come on people, how much more do you need out of Princess Raccoon? Also on DVD, Fritz Lang's clockwork noir The Woman in the Window.

3. The Stranger (Orson Welles, 1946) MGM. Suave Connecticut noir with Welles as a Nazi war criminal in hiding and Edward G. Robinson as the G-man on his trail.

4. Iraq in Fragments (James Longley, 2006). Typecast Releasing. Acclaimed Iraq doc comes home, supplemented by Sari’s Mother, a self-contained outtake that rivals the feature for intensity of vision.

5. Police Beat (Robinson Devor, 2005) Homevision. This inventive, episodic indie about a Senegalese immigrant employed as a Seattle bike cop suggested interesting things to come from Devor, who proceeded to make an avant-garde docudrama about a man fucked to death by a horse.

Princess Raccoon: Nuttier than an folk animal's scrotum
Princess Raccoon: Nuttier than an folk animal's scrotum

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