Vexed in the City

"Our Man Sietsema" ventures out on the Sex and the City tour around Manhattan

The time had come for the sacred pilgrimage to Carrie's house, which, we were warned, was used only as an exterior. "When we turn the corner, you'll be amazed at how familiar and beautiful it is," she intoned poetically. "This is where everything happened." The participants fell silent as they lined up quietly across the street, awaiting their turn to take photos. Meanwhile, I led my editor around the corner to Charles Street, where Sarah Jessica Parker's real brownstone stands. TV house and real house looked scarily alike.

Back in the bus, we set off for Soho, "where anyone serious about shopping goes shopping," Emily observed. Afterward, we found ourselves stopping in front of Onieal's Grand Street in Little Italy, which had served as a location for the bar Scout on Sex and the City. Emily encouraged us to drink as many cosmos as we could manage in 20 minutes at the discount price of $8. I wondered how we would manage to drink any at all, until I saw the small pre-made drinks lined up on the bar.

photo: Robert Sietsema


The Voice gets Sex and the City's upcoming movie script
by Lynn Yaeger

We asked Emily about her future at On Location. "I used to think the tour would stop after the show was canceled on HBO," she noted, "but the tour kept getting more and more popular, so that now we do 20 a week. And the Sex and the City movie is about to start filming. When it's released in 2008, who knows what will happen?"

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