Fred Gurner

The crying game

Nathan Lee's review of I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry ['Queer as Folk,' July 18–24] set my opinion of gays back about 35 years—I am 53. I have not seen the movie, nor do I have a special like or dislike for anyone in it. I have no problem with gays. Hell, my uncle (dad's brother) was gay, and he came out in the early '60s, and no one in our large Italian family had a problem with it. Lee has the "gay chip" on his shoulder, and it is why straights are sick and tired of their whining. You just can't win with them: too butch, too girly, not girly enough; on and on ad nauseam—geesh. Lee is a disgrace to gays and people in general with his picking-apart and being disrespectful to straights. Yuck.

Marianne Murray
Roswell, Georgia

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