Fat Chance

Do your friends make you chubby? Or is it that McFlurry in your hand?

He thinks the reason you see so many baby beanpoles on the catwalks is because designers believe that deep in their hearts, grown-up women want to look like teenagers again. "But a woman in her mid-thirties, no matter how thin, will never look like a 16-year-old." No, she'll look like an anorexic 35-year-old.

For himself, he says he likes to see "people with personal style." He even mentions his admiration for Diane Brill, the voluptuous 1980s party girl who by no stretch of the imagination could ever have been called slender. "I like people who, at the end of the day, are happy in their own skin."

So is he in total ecstasy now, bopping into meetings svelte as Audrey herself?

"No, I want to lose 10 more pounds."

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