Ali & Gipp's Kinfolk

Mall-stomping trash talk, right on time

An August release for Ali & Gipp's Kinfolk is perfect. The single "Go Head" is tearing up the strip clubs fresh on the heels of Nelly's smash hit "Grillz," which features the pair alongside artist-of-the- moment Paul Wall. Not only that, the record builds on the buzz from that crazy new act Gnarls Barkley, since Gipp is a member of Cee-Lo's crew, Goodie Mob. There's even a timely Laffy Taffy reference!

If it were August 2006, when Kinfolk was originally scheduled for release, all this would be true. But even though Universal sat on it for a year and the lyrics are standard Midwestern/Southern stuff (boasts about having the resources to shop at the mall, etc.), the stripped-down beats are infectious from top to bottom, which is no mean feat for an hour-long work. It may lack the cross- over potential of "Grillz" or St. Elsewhere, but one song borrows the vocal hook from Genesis' "That's All," so there's that.


Ali & Gipp
Universal Motown/Derrty Ent.

Kinfolk is also stamped with Nelly's Derrty Ent. imprint, and the world's most famous St. Louisan's paws are all over it. He knows how to craft a winner, that's for sure. Or at least he did this time last year.

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