Who Played Ya?

On the quite possibly ill-advised online hunt for the star of the Biggie Smalls biopic

James Oliphant
Age/Weight /Location 26, N/A, Toledo
Acting Experience Nearly cast as the lead in the Fat Albert movie
Rapping Experience "Hell yeah I'll freestyle!!!!"
Possible Issues "I hate to sound vain, but Biggie wasn't a good-looking man and I been told that I'm a good-looking guy . . . that might be my biggest hurdle to jump gettin' into this movie, but as far as swagger and personality and emotion I got it on lock."
MySpace Myspace.com/biggbuff
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Gabriel "Big Bamm" Edwards
Age/Weight /Location 34, "a strong 300 pounds plus," Brooklyn
Occupations Actor, music producer, hotel-industry union delegate, fashion designer, caterer
Prior Acting Experience Portrayed Wallace in Judgment Day, a play about Tupac put on in Harlem in the late '90s
Connections Catered a Biggie memorial at S.O.B.'s, where he met Voletta Wallace ("She was really nice and enjoyed my cakes")
Brooklyn Swagger "It's the way we walk, the way we talk and wear our clothes and floss. Once you are born and grow in Brooklyn it's embedded in your soul, and no matter where you go in the world people are like, 'You from Brooklyn, New York, right?'"
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Erròn Jay bristles at the notion that he's not gangsta enough for the role of Biggie Smalls.
credit: Erròn Jay
Erròn Jay bristles at the notion that he's not gangsta enough for the role of Biggie Smalls.


A gallery of Biggie Smalls wannabes

Age/Weight /Location "Grown and sexy"/"270-plus as of today"/Flatbush native, currently in Dallas
Occupation "IT Consultant/Six Sigma Master Black Belt (Google if unsure of this occupation)"
Claim to Fame Appeared as T-Bone in the first season of I Love New York
No, Seriously "The I Love New York show was crazy, honestly! I say 90 percent or more of what you saw was spontaneous and real. I met some really cool people and we stay in contact to this very day."
Brooklyn Swagger "The gangsta part is a non-issue for me�growing up in Brooklyn, I already know, enough said."
MySpace Myspace.com/tboneilny
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