Who Put the Goth in Gotham?

Unconventional swordplay and vamping, plus blind items that will make you go blind


And now I'm gonna boil it down for you and serve it back up in the form of tantalizing blind items, which are my very own idea of a crazy-making wordplay competition. And so: Which Tony nominee was actually relieved that he lost to that other Tony nominee rather than a third one he has an intense rivalry with? What movie star is a little less congenial—in fact, she's a demanding diva— now that her A-list status is a bit tarnished by the aging process Hollywood so despises? What much younger actress—a TV star—mysteriously left a bedpan filled with pee-pee in her apartment, as the guy who took over the place found out to his distaste? What gay club promoter will gladly go on a date with guys who ask, but adorably demands 100 bucks before he starts to loose his clothes? What other downtown promoter is so supple he can enjoy double penetration without even batting an anus? What French legend looks so damned good because she supposedly has a gold mesh wire implanted in her face to keep it all trés tight?

Who won the erection? Cody Cuoco at Boys Room's special night.
photo: Kathryn Obermaier
Who won the erection? Cody Cuoco at Boys Room's special night.


What wacky singer flinches when asked if she feels she's influenced a current superstar? (She feels the superstar can't really sing and therefore the question is kinda insulting.) Which old-time movie star—a perennial screen virgin—actually slept with all her male co-stars except the two gay ones and the morally upright one? What sinewy guy spoke at that closeted gay's funeral, fueling rumors that the dead gay was a generous supporter of the sinewy guy when he started out? Which soap star doesn't gain an ounce mainly because her husband threatens extra sadism if she does so? What businessman involved in a successful payment system has lavish parties for boys, boys, boys, but still isn't out in the world? What rapper with children can never help cruising the cute guys, boring into them with his eyes in between boring us with his attitude? What actress who's played a trannie bristles when asked about her size-11 feet?

What's the worst way to travel to and from the Hamptons? (It's a tie: The jitney, which never arrives at the scheduled time and is overrun with people disobeying the cell-phone time limit—though you do get some trail mix—and the LIRR train, which is cheaper but, the last time I took it, completely broke down, leading to a six-hour schlep home. Fun vacation, huh?) Who's currently directing a documentary about piano bars? (Free answer: Xanadu director Christopher Ashley. Kiss today goodbye—and point me to the camera!) Whose anal bleaching backfired to the point where his butt now looks like a diseased Chihuaha? Turn the music back on.


Wait, turn the music off again and listen to this: Tiffany Limos, the publicity seeking actress who’s dated Larry Clark and Michel Gondry, obviously can’t get enough intimate time with directors. She recently arranged for Quentin Tarantino to be honored at the Cinemanila film festival in the Philippines, after which a source spotted the twosome’s antics on their return to L.A. It was an indie movie in itself. In the Manila airport, says the source, “Tiffany was pushing Tarantino in a wheelchair in the first class lounge. Apparently he had injured his back to the point where he couldn’t walk. Camera crews and paparazzi were trying to catch a glimpse but they were surrounded with a swarm of body guards. On the flight, Tarantino made one of the stewardesses cry because he didn't want to sit in his first class seat. He wanted to sit on the floor or in one of the flight attendant's seats. When they refused him he told them to call the sky marshall. Congressman Aquino had to come from business class to break the fight up. During the flight Tarantino was telling Tiffany how much he loved her and to not worry. He called her ‘the wife,’ whatever the hell that means. As soon as the plane landed, I saw them getting their luggage and Mr. Tarantino was barely walking, refusing a wheelchair. I saw Tarantino try to kiss Tiffany on the lips, but someone arrived to pick her up as Tarantino was standing there. I was a little annoyed about all the drama that those two caused during the flight. Tiffany was ordering the President's people, the one doctor that was on the plane, and the whole flight crew to cater to Mr. Tarantino's needs. I suppose I would too if I had to sit next to the grumpy older man!“ My prediction? A part for Tiffany Limos in Kill Bill 3.

Hold on, I’ve got another tidbit. Playgirl magazine is finally recognizing that it might not be just straight women who enjoy its, um, articles. They’re putting out a gay series of DVDs called Playgirl Blue—Collector’s series, the first volume of which will be called “Boys of Blue” complete with bonus material of “Campus Hunks” auditions. The twinks alone will put the girl back in Playgirl.


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