Daniel Garrett
Richmond Hill, New York


There's probably some unwritten rule that artists are not supposed to write in about a critical-type review on their own work, but my hope as a local artist who has been mentioned in the Voice four times since 1983 (and whose mother, Patricia Brant, had a column in the '70s) is that this is a paper still ready to bust bullshit rules. In 'Slouching Toward Gotham' [August 22–28], R.C. Baker obviously did his homework about my old-school LES days, and his partial description of my massive (over 200 pieces) one-man show is as comprehensive as the 187-word allotment allowed. I just wish I knew what Baker meant by saying my scavenging and recycling material "gives this sculptor a special place in the hearts of New Yorkers of a certain age." The art that I've been doing since 1981 is now considered hip for a new and good reason: because it can be called "green" or "freegan," which are perhaps the main concepts currently—finally—on the table for saving the planet. If Baker wants to put me or my work "in the hearts of New Yorkers," it should be all New Yorkers, not just those of "a certain age." All New Yorkers—and all people, for that matter—want to save the planet by implementing green materials, techniques, and actions.

Linus Coraggio

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