NYPD Blew It

Kelly's new deputy chief of training brings lots of experience, much of it bad

Given that considerable baggage, why did Kelly choose Chapman for a plum $170,310-a-year job training NYPD officers? Chapman referred the Voice's questions to the NYPD's press office. Police spokesman Paul Browne's only response to questions about Chapman's past was to e-mail the Voice the week-old press release announcing the hiring.

State Senator Eric Adams, a retired NYPD captain who once headed 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, an organization critical of Kelly, offers one possible reason: Before Chapman's hiring, only one of the NYPD's 13 deputy commissioners was black. With Kelly rumored to be running for mayor, that percentage could be a liability. In the aftermath of the controversial police shooting of Sean Bell and two other unarmed black men in Queens—at a time when Kelly's approval rating was plummeting—Chapman publicly endorsed Kelly as the best police commissioner he'd ever worked for.

Adams surmises, "It looks like as he makes his move to become mayor, Commissioner Kelly is trying to bring a little color into his cabinet."

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