Plastic Surgeon to the Scars

Brad Jacobs went from shaping Playboy bunnies to defending himself against charges of butchery

Hendricks was scheduled to go under the knife for her rhinoplasty the next day, but that night, June 17, Jacobs planned a big party for himself, Hendricks, and his girlfriend Sharon (now his wife). According to Hendricks's testimony, the three smoked crystal meth in Jacobs's living room until 1:30 in the morning, when the doctor declared it was time to examine her nose and talk about the surgery. Jacobs examined her breasts and asked what sort of nose she wanted. Hendricks said she wanted something more refined and feminine. "OK, I got you," Jacobs said. "I see what you're saying—I do it all day long."

Then it was time for more speed. After hitting another ball or two, Jacobs and Sharon started having sex, while an increasingly uncomfortable Hendricks sat on the couch and looked on. As Jacobs and Sharon got busy, Sharon made a move on Hendricks. "I made a motion to Jacobs like 'I am not into this,' and he had her stop coming near me," Hendricks claims. "I think Dr. Jacobs could tell I was uncomfortable, though, and he said to Sharon, 'You know, I don't think she is into girls,' or something like that." During the deposition, Jacobs's lawyer asked Hendricks to describe the doctor naked.

"He has a gigantic penis," Hendricks said.

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"Go on, please," said Jacobs's lawyer.

"He has a really good body. He has a lot of muscle. He is in really good shape."

According to Hendricks, Jacobs and Sharon suggested that if she didn't want to join in, perhaps she could film them. Hendricks agreed and pulled out her laptop. Using the computer's built-in webcam, she filmed the doctor and his girlfriend having sex for an hour. But Hendricks couldn't produce the video for the lawsuit, and claimed that her hard drive had crashed, wiping out the evidence.

According to Jacobs, the missing hard drive tells you all you need to know about Hendricks. "Of course it doesn't exist," he says. "I mean, hello? Give me something here!" But that's just what you'd expect, he adds, from a woman who tried to extort $200,000 from him.

Hendricks arrived at the office at 10 the next morning, just in time for her nose and boob job. But Jacobs was running late, and she had to wait a few hours.

About a week or so after the procedure, Hendricks returned to Jacobs's office, and as he removed the bandages, she saw her new nose for the first time. "It looked a little bit like an Asian nose—and no offense against Asian noses, but I wanted it to be refined and pretty," Hendricks testified. "To me, it was more—it was elongated and chubby, and it just—it was unattractive on me, and it was nothing like I pictured, and I was absolutely horrified."

That night, Jacobs came by the place, gave her a shot of something to calm her down, and eventually ended up in bed with her. "He just said, 'You can sleep in the bed, you know— I don't bite,' whatever, and I said OK. So I slept in the bed next to him, and, you know—I don't know, I guess we started having sex."

"Was this consensual sex?" asked Jacobs's lawyer.

"I was—I don't know. I mean, it wasn't— he didn't rape me by any means, but I just didn't really know how to—I really wasn't feeling like having sex, but I didn't really say anything about that."

Hendricks's nose never really healed properly, she claimed. One nostril was permanently detached from her face, and when she eventually tried to go back to work at the Spearmint Rhino, her boss "made comments about my face and my nose being repulsive." She returned to New York for a breast augmentation and touch-up on her nose the following month, but claimed that when she woke up, her nose was so cut up and stitched together that she was "appalled and just disgusted."

As bizarre and extravagant as Hendricks's story might seem, the New York State Department of Health is taking her claims very seriously. In fact, state investigators specifically cited her case when they ruled in June that Jacobs's practice "constitutes an imminent danger to the health of the people of this state."

Jacobs claims that Hendricks's raging meth habit caused her post-operative complications. "It's the worst possible drug for healing—period," he says. In fact, he sent her to a second doctor in Florida for post-operative treatment. And if she was so unhappy with his performance, he adds, why did she come back to him for the boob job a few months later? "This was an unfortunate girl who felt that, you know, surgical intervention could not only help her self-esteem but actually achieve something that was unachievable by surgery alone," Jacobs says. "She was making undue, I guess, requests or obligations of me to make her beautiful, when all it was was to revise her nose. . . . She seemed happy for a time, but her healing was a little slow, and she wasn't this beautiful princess that she wanted to become. I did everything I could to help her."

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