Penthouse Pets

What will your little pup be wearing this fall?

If there is an informal mistress of ceremonies at the Luxury Pet Pavilion, it is self-described New York pet socialite and national luxury pet products expert Charlotte Reed, whose height is made even more impressive by her snakeskin sandals, and who is sporting dangling rhinestone dog-bone earrings. "This market has just exploded," Reed tells me, because "people really love their pets—just like children! They want to dress like them, take them to baseball games, to yappy hours." (Yappy hours?)

Reed points me toward a display of exquisite armchairs and settees that are lavishly tufted and look like they come from a miniature version of the Shabby Chic store in Soho. "Look how beautiful that furniture is. It's not like the old blanket, the dog bed you kicked under the couch when company was coming. Look at all the tassels, the bindings!"

The latest doggie couture
photo: Mary Bloom
The latest doggie couture

Stupid for dogs, I think. But perfect for a doll.

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