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Downtown kids chill out, kick back, discover yacht rock, soak in the good life

Silver Apples
September 12
Knitting Factory, $10, doors 7 p.m., knittingfactory.com

No telling what a performance from Silver Apples, the legendary proto-electro oscillator duo of the late '60s, holds in 2007—drummer Danny Taylor passed away two years ago. But mastermind and falsetto-demon Simeon Coxe is very much alive, and he's promised a set list drawn almost exclusively from Silver Apples and Contact, their classic first two albums. This tour, the band's first since 1999, is not to be missed.

Simian Mobile Disco
September 15
Blender Theater at Gramercy, $18, 9 p.m., livenation.com

Two former psych-rockers from the U.K., Simian became the house titans Simian Mobile Disco just in time to battle fellow EU members Justice for the love of music fans who could otherwise give a fuck about dance music. Justice, with their silver-and-black stage set, snatched up the metal guys; SMD won over most everyone else, probably because their Attack Decay Sustain Release sounded a bit less like a cat being brutally murdered.

Dan Deacon + Girl Talk + White Williams
September 15
Webster Hall, $20, 6 p.m., bowerypresents.com

Heads up here for White Williams, New York's inevitably chilly response to the goon-out good times spun from the laptops of Girl Talk and Dan Deacon. If the latter two perform for the dancefloor, WW play strictly to the bathroom line: "Rush Rush"-era Blondie rides T. Rex's "Jeepster" into the sunset while 16-year-old Internet know-it-alls suck dust and wonder just what the hell happened.

Björk + Klaxons
September 24
Madison Square Garden, $50.50–$76, 8 p.m., thegarden.com

Björk shares with M.I.A. the odd distinction of having reduced Timbaland to dullest-track status on her new record: a tribute to just how far out into space she's working. Volta was a grab bag, no doubt, but her unpredictability adds a certain drama when she plays live. Klaxons, nu-ravers who neither rave nor sound particularly new, are her diametric opposite: regular guitar-rock guys in neon hoodies.

Animal Collective
September 30–October 1
Webster Hall, $20, 8 p.m., bowerypresents.com

They don't live in New York much anymore, and Panda Bear's Person Pitch may well have been the perfect record they'll never be able to make as a quartet, but from what we've heard of Strawberry Jam, the band remains undaunted by their own success. Their live shows rank with the Hold Steady's as far as New York bro-downs go, especially now that they're so infrequent—go be with your fellow man!

Southern Lord
Boris + Damon & Naomi + Michio Kurihara
October 3
Music Hall of Williamsburg, $15–$17, 9 p.m., musichallofwilliamsburg.com

No word yet on which Boris is showing up to New York's newest venue—will it be the Motörheaded sleaze-rock trio of Pink or the time-lapsed shoegaze of their recent collabo with Ghost axeman Michio Kurihara? All signs point to the latter: Kurihara, who's also performed with Damon & Naomi, is in the lineup as well. Hope for—nay, expect—a bill-spanning, mood-crushing finale.

Arcade Fire + LCD Soundsystem
October 6
Randall's Island, doors 3:30 p.m., $39.50, bowerypresents.com

I don't blame you if you're already sick of hearing about this show. But facts are facts: LCD Soundsystem's Sound of Silver is the album hundreds if not thousands of New Yorkers will remember as the soundtrack to their lives in 2007. Said Murphy, in these pages: "Don't come play a show with us and bring your B-game and phone it in and pose, pull a whole bunch of rock bullshit moves and emote and shit like that with us because I'll fucking punch you in the face."

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