MTV aimed for the text-messaging, short(er)-attention-span market too, although in your case it reads more like Springtime for Hitler than honestly mistaking one's audience.

Still, I thank you for Francis Davis and J. Hoberman—the Manhattan piece [July 4–10] by itself was worth a few months of that subscription fee—and I hope that doesn't damn them to unemployment.

David Sanford
South Hadley, Massachusetts



In Nat Hentoff's 'History Will Not Absolve Us' [August 29–September 4], one of the organizations that produced the report Leave No Marks: Enhanced Interrogation Techniques and the Risk of Criminality was misidentified. The report was produced by Human Rights First and Physicians for Human Rights.

In Chris Thompson's 'NIMBY Love' [August 22--28], the name of Daniel Goldstein's fiancee is Shabnam Merchant, not Shabmam Merchant. The name of Ron Shiffman, co-leader of a new effort to reimagine the Atlantic Yards site, was misspelled as Ron Schiffman.

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