Read This In Loo of Sex

Stalling for time before channeling Tim Gunn and the ghosts of Leona and Anna Nicole

On Saturday, the truck was out of the sinkhole, and the Mao PR party was on again, celebrating Mao mag, which lusciously salutes scene survivors from Veruschka to my own babushka. In the new issue, editors Mauricio and Roger Padilha interview Boy George's '80s appendage Marilyn, who reveals that a blitzed Diana Ross once "wanted to have a more intimate moment with me than I expected." Alas, the frisson stopped in the name of love when George started crying and telling Marilyn, "I can't believe you're going to leave me!" He should be made to pick up more trash (maybe right in that very sinkhole) just for depriving a drag queen of the chance to fuck Diana Ross!

By the way, the guy who played Marilyn in TabooJeffrey Carlson—has done well as a trannie on All My Children, so now I hear One Life to Live is casting for a Southern-style drag queen to spice things up in classic dress pants. I guess Llanview is turning into Tranview.

Meanwhile, one of my favorite real-life soap operas was shattered when I heard about how Jodi Sweetin just told a bunch of Sarah Lawrence students that the widely reported tale that it was her Full House castmates who did an intervention to save her from crystal meth was kinda made up. Those damned heartless Olsen twins!

A Bravo performance: Gunn hugs cable network prexy Zalaznick.
Cary Conover
A Bravo performance: Gunn hugs cable network prexy Zalaznick.


And finally, while Anna Nicole certainly needed an intervention (and some de-licing), the New York Post wisely got one. A birdie swears they were all set to run the legal-bell-ringing Rita Cosby book excerpts until a lawyer chimed in and said nyuh-uh. That's probably the smartest thing they ever did since writing that Tom Cruise is straight.

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